For the Czech and Slovak markets we are developing our own brand Pedro.  We export 80% of our production. Sweets for foreign market can be found under the brands Juicee Gumme and Park Lane. We export them to more than 40 countries on 4 different continents.

We also respond to nutritional trends towards a healthier lifestyle. We have therefore enriched the portfolio with new concept of brand That’s Fruitee. Check out the full range of our production.

We specialise in the production of gelatine and pectin sweets, vitamin jelly, fruit sticks and strips, liquorice and pressed sugar candies. All this in many flavours and colour combinations.

Our signature Candy Plus can be found on a number of sweets with private brands of retail chains. If you are looking for a reliable partner for this type of cooperation, please contact our sales department for your region.

If you have any special needs or requirements feel free to contact us in custom manufacturing. We can bring your unique ideas to life and make your product real.

Moreover, we are open to partnerships with individual projects. We can discuss how to share our production capacities and know-how. Just contact us.

We comply with the strictest standards in the field of food safety (BRC, IFS), occupational safety (ISO 45001) and environmental protection (ISO 14001). We are members of the SEDEX Group (SMETA audit).


500+ employees

1,5 bill. CZK in company turnover

40+ export territories

60 mill. pieces of liquorice products per year

33,000 jelly candies every minute

50% lower water consumption


Bring joyful moments to everyday life with delicious sweets.


Be a respected and innovative partner on the global sweets market. Přepnout

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