We are fully aware of our role and its impact on the environment. We do everything we consider right to be a responsible and reliable employer, supplier of goods and business partner. We act with the utmost consideration for the environment.


Health and safety are an absolute priority for us. We take enough time to remind our employees of the importance of taking a responsible approach to their work tasks and their surroundings with regard to health and safety. We invest in workplace equipment and management systems.
We recognize the importance of Candy Plus in the lives of all employees. We make sure that all jobs fulfill their purpose in the long term and that we contribute to the development of the region. We also support school and pre-school facilities in the locations where we operate and where our employees live.


We make sure that the economic development of The Candy Plus Sweet Factory, s.r.o. always goes hand in hand with the principles of environmental protection.

Since 2009 we have been applying the principles of the environmental management system according to the international standard ISO 14001: 2015. We have adopted the environmental policy. Every day we fulfill the principles of this policy. They concern waste, air protection, water protection and energy consumption. See the full text as well as the Environmental Report.


Customers and consumers like our products especially because of the high-quality standards they can rely on. We value long-term partnerships with our customers and distributors. We believe that both parties can benefit only from relationships built on mutual loyalty and trust.


We control our supply chain. We monitor the sources of raw materials and materials we work with in the production. We demand quality standards and appropriate behavior towards employees, the environment and all partners. In all partnerships, we insist on compliance with ethical standards.

Social responsibility

As confectionery manufacturers, we recognize the importance of a balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Therefore, in the long term, we have supported the leisure-time activities of children and youth in sports activities, especially in the locations of Candy Plus facilities. Our sweet products motivate young athletes to perform better in sports events. We can thus see the meaningfulness of our work in action.

Since 2015, we have supported the sports event Čokoládová Tretra. The patron of this national running competition is Jan Železný; participation for children is free. It represents an ideal opportunity to bring the beauty of sport and the joy of movement to our youngest generation. That is why we are a proud partner of the event.

In North and South Moravia we support young promising hockey players and other young athletes. They can gain some quick energy from our products at tournaments and other events.